1in10 Brits admit to having propositioned a workman who has come to complete a job in their home. The poll of 2,000 people was carried out by workwear brand Scruffs through OnePoll to highlight the plight of the nation’s tradesmen who, as the results show, are at constant risk of falling prey to customers who are interested in skills outside their job description. The randiest region was the West Midlands with 13% confessing to having tried it on with a builder, plumber or kitchen fitter, whilst the tradesmen of East Anglia remain relatively unscathed with just 4% of respondents engaging in illicit activities with their builders. The problem is so great that when Scruffs polled 6,000 customers who are all working tradesmen, 15% admitted having to pretend to be married, some even wearing a fake wedding ring, just to be able to get on with the job in hand. Scruffs, who make innovative safety footwear and workwear to ‘look good when you’re getting dirty’, have also launched an online MAN TIPS service to offer words of wisdom from ‘Uncle ‘Arry’, who’s been there and done it all, to help the nation’s workmen stay safe on the job. Uncle ‘Arry comments “Lads up and down the country are ‘avin to spend a lot of their time knocking back Big Mrs O’Reilly and sometimes there’s just no polite way to let ‘er down. I think we should be grateful to all our boys who spend their days servicing the nation – often at great risk to their health!” Region % 1. West Midlands 13.26% 2. London 13.07% 3. South East 10.76% 4. Wales 10.23% 5. Northern Ireland 9.68% 6. North East 8.18% 7. Scotland 8.14% 8. North West 7.45% 9. South West 6.63% 10. Yorkshire and the Humber 5.53% 11. East Midlands 4.23% 12. East Anglia 3.88%