Professional Builder’s Tibby Singh reviews Scruffs trade shorts, argon trainers and cut resistant gloves

Working on a hot day can feel like running a marathon in a heat wave, so the correct workwear in the warmer weather is important. I’m not one to usually wear work shorts, not because I think they look scruffy, but simply as I’m so used to wearing work trousers. So, I was open to the suggestion of some Scruffs Trade Flex Shorts.

It felt strange at first as I’m used to having knee pads on, but I suppose when wearing shorts, you can always wear the strap on knee pads which give you the option to put them on and take them off as and when required. However, as well as keeping you cool, they felt cool. They’re slim fit, so won’t easily get caught when walking around on site and, if you did happen to catch them, they are made from ripstop fabric.

Looking closer at the detail, they have a triple stitch seam for durability and flexible panels that are stretchy, allowing for greater freedom of movement. I’m also used to having loads of pockets, which is one thing these aren’t short of – with six in total.

I also tried Scruffs Argon Safety Trainers. The tough nylon upper makes them extremely durable and, thanks to a composite toe, they are light in weight. It’s a lot to absorb in terms of all the technology used and they even have shock absorption to reduce stress on the foot and ankle. They also have a memory foam insole, which provides extra cushioning. As well as that, the Microfresh technology reduces odours – even after a long day on your feet.

I also got hands on with Scruffs Cut Resistant Gloves. I usually find the gloves that claim to be cut resistant a bit difficult to work in because they tend to be thick. However, the snug fit of these gloves means that the fingers can move freely, and I can even pick up screws, which is always a good test. At the same time, it means you can get hands on with the toughest jobs and at the end of the day your hands will feel and look like you’ve not done a day’s work.

You can find the review in the June Professional Builder magazine here