Cordura fabric technology


When the going gets tough, you need Cordura® fabric

It's a big job and the pressure's really on. You're pushing hard to get things done. And that's where the strength of your workwear is tested, because it's the knees and elbows that take most of the punishment on site.

That's why you need reinforcemnts you can rely on, and in all the right places, which is exactly what you get with Cordura® fabric reinforcement.

Cordura® fabric to the rescue

It’s a hard wearing fabric that’s made with specific high strength nylon fibres, so it’s super tough. Cordura® fabric is the perfect solution for reinforcing all the key stress points in Scruffs work trousers and jackets that are worn day after day in the most demanding environments.

When ‘heavy duty’ is the order of the day, Cordura® fabric really does perform.

It's a tough job, but somebody's got to do it

Cordura® fabric is designed for comfort and built to last. Offering superior abrasion resistance and excellent tensile strength, these fabrics are stronger and more hard wearing than other fabrics used to reinforce workwear, yet light in weight and easy to wear. Scruffs workwear reinforced with Cordura® fabric does everything asked of it - plus it’s comfortable to wear in the most difficult conditions, smart looking, and easy to wash. Ruggedly resistant to tearing, Cordura® fabric shrugs off the most aggressive scuffs and scrapes.

For hard working workwear, be sure to look for the distinctive Cordura® fabric label in the Scruffs range.

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