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Scruffs Worker Plus Trousers

Product Review (submitted on 27 June 2022):
I have had a few pairs of these trousers now, they are comfortable, and very hard wearing, I am often on my knees working, or crawling on the ground.
They have plenty of pockets, hanging loops for hammer, etc, and the pouches on the front are big enough to carry a flagship mobile phone with no effort. The leg pocket could have been a tiny bit deeper, but does work well, and the accessory pockets on the other leg are great for small hand tools, and pencil.
The sizes are good over all, not too long in the leg, and all the cuffs are reinforced, along with the pockets and knees.
The stitching on the seems is good, and I have had none come apart.
With my job I am on my knees a lot, and I have eventually worn through the knees, but the pads still protect my knees, and the material between my knee and the pad is still as good as new.
I have worn these trousers while grinding and cutting thick metal, with lots of sparks, although I normally wear nomex overalls which are fire retardant, I have on occasion not put them on, and these trousers have not melted or caught fire yet.