Emily Gardiner was our very first online purchaser of the new Scruffs Women’s Workwear range. We thought that it would be interesting to find out a bit more about what Emily does when she’s grafting in her Scruffs...

What's your trade?

“I'm a freelance landscape gardener (part-time) and an artist / sculptor the rest of the time.”

How long have you been doing it?

“Unprofessionally I've been gardening for years, but professionally less than a year. The sculpture side is a few years now. It's all a second career thing - I used to be an Art Director in digital media, but had enough of staring at computer screens all day, so packed it in for something more physical!”

What's your business name?

“I freelance just under my name, currently I do a lot of work for: http://www.ginkgogardensolutions.co.uk/, (the boss was keen for a mention) and the sculpture side is: www.emilygardiner.com

How important is your work gear in terms of your image and doing your job?

“Very. I'm working outside in all weathers, and generally getting covered in mud and rubble, so I need work gear that's hard wearing and keeps me warm and dry. Turning up to a job in old jeans is not only bad in terms of practicality, but it looks unprofessional to the client and undermines your credibility. Even simple things like pockets the right size and in the right places makes such a difference when you're balancing up a ladder needing to use multiple tools. By the way, the cuffs on the jacket stop debris going up your arm - a small feature but really effective.”

How hard has it been to find a suitable women's workwear range?

“IMPOSSIBLE! As a petite person (5ft 3in and a size 8) trying to find workwear to fit has been hopeless. The men's sizes were all too big and until now there wasn't an alternative. A couple of manufacturers offer steel toe-cap boots or trainers in women's sizes, but clothes? Forget it! I wrote to Scruffs in despair really, having scoured the internet for gear - my partner wears Scruffs (men's 3D Trade Trousers) and I thought it was ridiculous that there was nothing like it for women. I was over the moon when the Scruffs Women's range came out - I've been waiting for so long!”

Emily finishes by saying that she’s been working outside and wearing all of her Scruffs Women’s Workwear for the last couple of weeks and it's been brilliant in the cold and wet weather. “The jacket is a bit of a revelation...” she said, “...Thanks again for making my working life a lot more comfortable!”