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Waterproof Trousers

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You’d be amazed how many people forget about waterproof trousers. We’ve seen it happen time and time again – people strut onsite with elaborate waterproof coats and jackets, thinking that they’ll be able to get-by with standard denim trousers. Have you ever tried to work a day in soggy denim? It’s an experience that ranges from “mildly inconvenient” to “absolutely unbearable”.

Trust us – if you’re going to spend large portions of your time working outside, sooner or later you’re going to need waterproof trousers. That’s why, at Scruffs, we offer a choice of two lines. Essentially, you have a choice between an “emergency pair” of waterproof trousers, and a comfortable, durable solution that will see you through all weathers.

Our waterproof Pac-Away Trousers are lightweight, and designed to be folded away into a handy mesh drawstring bag when not in use. In this way, you can go about your day in your standard workwear but, when you feel those first few drops, you can pull on your flexible, breathable waterproof trousers and continue to work in comfort.

But if you’d rather not go through the hassle of changing your trousers once the rain starts to fall, our Expedition Thermo Trousers are comfortable, fully-windproof and, crucially, fully-waterproof. On top of that, they’re packed with scores of handy features that make them perfect for use in a range of medium industrial occupations.

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