Work Jeans

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Jeans have always been popular with those who work in trade and industry. They are strong, durable, flexible and, most important of all, comfortable – all the qualities you need when you’re facing long shifts and difficult jobs. Recognising this, we designed a range of work jeans that offer all the comfort of everyday jeans, but with added durability and practical features to make them fit for the workplace. Even better, with their stone washed finishes, our work jeans look significantly more stylish than most other available workwear.

Our Trade Denim work jeans are, as the name suggests, suitable for those who work in trade, but they’re also good for medium industrial use. Inspired by the high street and made from stone washed indigo denim, they certainly look the part, but holster pockets and such features as bottom loading kneepad inserts make them ideal for the workplace. Trade Denim work jeans will keep you comfortable throughout the entire working day.

We also stock the Drezna range of industrial strength denim work jeans, which are suitable for heavier industrial occupations. They’re packed with multiple useful pockets, they feature bottom loading kneepad inserts, and they are reinforced in all the key stress areas. Two styles are available – original and stonewash – and they are so strikingly stylish that some of our customers have taken to wearing them outside of the workplace!

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