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When your work or your leisure requires that you spend extended stretches of time outdoors, you will inevitably encounter days in which the rain never seems to stop, ever. You do live in Britain, after all. On such days, when it feels like it will never be sunny again, you need nothing less than total protection from the elements. In short, you need a waterproof rainsuit.

Made from 100% PVC, waterproof rainsuits have a waterproof rating of 3,000mm, which means that they are classed as “fully waterproof”. Wear one of these, and you can comfortably trudge around in the rain and the wind all day, without catching a chill. Our waterproof rainsuits are available in a choice of two colours. The standard black is suitable for most purposes, but the yellow is better for when visibility is an issue. Why not get one of each, so you can have a waterproof rainsuit for all occasions?

There are times when you require total protection from the wind and the rain, but you don’t necessarily want to have to dress in PVC all day. For such occasions, we also offer Pac-Away Jackets and Trousers. Made from a fully waterproof lightweight material, they can easily be packed away and carried in a handy drawstring bag when not being worn. A Pac-Away waterproof rainsuit will be your best friend at a music festival. You can soak up the sun for the ten minutes it chooses to shine, before quickly changing into your waterproofs once the dark clouds inevitably gather.

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