In the blink of an eye, winter is now just around the corner! And, with the sharp temperature drop we’ve already felt, it looks like we could be in for a cold one this year.

According to forecasters, there is the prediction that we will be in for a bad few months stating that the UK could be hit by up to seven storms by Christmas! Full of wind, rain and cold conditions, those working outside could be in for some brutal weather this year.

But have you got the right kit for the job? Or are you still rocking up to site in your shorts and t-shirts?

Well, we asked Scruffs Workwear for their top tips on ensuring you’re prepared for winter on site.

First up, they emphasised the importance of layering! According to Scruffs, this is one of the best solutions for the awkward transition between summer and winter. During the autumn months, the weather changes so drastically it’s hard to know what gear to put on in a morning. The morning frost could see workers grab their warmest gear. But, by the afternoon, they’re sweating like no tomorrow and seriously regretting their workwear choice. Hence, layering. Being able to remove layers throughout the day will be a godsend when you’re working hard on the graft. Think base layers, t-shirts, a hoodie and a coat!

However, alongside this, they also emphasised the need to have the right work gear. In fact, one of the most important pieces of workwear to have during the cold months is actually a hat!

Out of everything, your head is the body part that is going to be exposed to the elements the most. So why is it often overlooked? Most people will ensure that they’re wearing the right jacket to stay warm on site, but don’t consider the right headgear. And, with our head being the place we lose the most amount of body heat from, it’s crazy that we don’t provide our head with the same protection as the rest of our bodies.

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