Psychologists observing the flirting behaviour of single men can reveal that men waste an average of 82 minutes on unsuccessful flirting on a night out. On average, each man made three approaches during the four hour Friday night study. The observational study commissioned by Scruffs Workwear and carried out by business psychology consultants Psycuity, considered the actions of over 200 men in pubs in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow and Bristol. They measured the number of women the men approached, the time spent speaking to each woman and the end result. The highest number of approaches made in one evening by an individual was eleven, who spent an average of just three minutes 48 seconds on each encounter. Others focused their attentions on one woman for in excess of two hours before getting the brush off. However, the strike rate for amorous Brits was pretty impressive. By the end of the four hour experiment, almost 1 in 3 men had achieved some success. Measured in an exit poll of each of the venues as an exchange of phone number or goodnight kiss. Regional findings include: Lovelorn Bristolians invest the most time flirting with the fewest numbers of potential partners – and despite all of their hard work, they have one of the lowest success rates in the UK at just 19%. Mancunians spend the least amount of time flirting with members of the opposite sex – but when they do flirt, their success rate is relatively high, with 29% of women handing out a phone number or a kiss. The most time spent flirting with one woman was a man in Bristol who invested a massive 170 minutes in the object of his affection. The least time spent on one interaction was just 35 seconds by a man in London, his approach was swiftly given the brush off but undeterred he moved on. Londoners made the most approaches to women in one night, with one chap trying his luck with 11 women in total Gift of the gab Glaswegians are the most likely to succeed in their efforts, with a success rate of almost 1 in 2, while those of Birmingham are more likely to get the brush off, with just 17% of approaches getting a winning result. As part of their MAN TIPS campaign to help modern man deal with the challenges of every day life, Scruffs Workwear has created a new ‘flirting beer mat’ that’s destined to hit the pubs of the UK’s cities this week. The beer mat provides men with a simple tick box system allowing women to quickly express their interest. The recipient then has the opportunity to respond with their name and either ‘I’m VERY keen, We’ll see, or Do one!!!’. 60,000 of the mats will be delivered to 60 bars across the UK over the next month. 10,000 mats will also be sent out to Scruffs own customers. Scruffs are also warning the nation’s men of the dangers of backsplash with washroom mirror stickers featuring ‘MAN TIP No 9: For a man wearing cream chinos backsplash is a serious hazard… so go steady my son… Less splashes – more lasses!!’. Been-there-and-done-it Scruffs ambassador Uncle ‘Arry comments: “A refreshing pint at the end of a long day on site is an important reward for our hard-working tradesmen and they haven’t got time to be exchanging longing looks and thinking up witty banter. These new beer mats do the job in half the time, meaning the lads can get on to the important task of discussing the footie.”