After the weekend’s mini-heatwave and with summer just around the corner, there’s no better time for some top tips on how to keep cool on site.

While many people sit out the summer in air-conditioned offices with fresh water on tap, the UK’s construction workers are on the frontline battling the blazing heat! We’ve seen you – a pair of flowery Bermuda shorts and sunburn for hi-vis, so we’ve written an article to make sure that you’re not that guy!

keeping cool

Check out the top tips below to find out how to enjoy the weather while you keep cool and stay healthy and safe on site.

1. The Early Riser – with the sun being at it’s hottest around mid-afternoon in most cases, the earlier you can start your day the better off you will be. Work hard through the cool morning hours to finish the job earlier, and then enjoy the heat away from the workplace – in a beer garden for example!

2. The Water Boy – dehydration can lead to all sorts of problems, especially if you’re working on a construction site. Knowing the signs is the key; increased thirst, feeling drowsy, headaches and dizziness amongst others. Taking regular breaks to get plenty of water on board will ensure that you can keep going in comfort, maintain your concentration, and get the job done.

3. Beat the Heat – a simple solution and yet it’s one of the most effective. Simply dress for the weather. Ensure you have a pair of work shorts ready to go, plus t-shirts and breathable boots! There’s nothing worse than feeling hot, clammy and sweaty all day – so take preventative action and get yourself kitted out! Check out the suggested range of summer-ready products below;

4. War Paint – or as most call it, sun cream! Lather it on. Nobody wants to go to work the next day looking like a lobster! What’s more, it can be incredibly dangerous not protecting your skin against the sun’s harmful rays. Get yourself a bottle now and keep it in the van or your work bag so that you can keep applying it through the working day. Working outside all day in the warm sunshine is a great place to be through the summer. Just make sure that you take the right steps to look after yourself.