The new Scruffs womenswear range is engineered with functionality and design at its core, for tradeswomen that are #SCRUFFSENOUGH for anything.

Our team of product experts designed the range to ensure that it is a perfect fit for tradeswomen; providing them with the ultimate protection, durability, and style they want and need on the job.

Chris Mellor-Dolman, Head of Scruffs Marketing, comments: “At Scruffs, we understand the importance of staying one step ahead. Tradeswomen are looking for a range that’s smart enough for business and tough enough for work.

“Womenswear is a market that we were always keen to explore. We are continuously developing our designs to provide the best quality and functionality for our customers, and it goes without saying that the women’s collection needs to live up to the tough demands of the job, while helping professionals look and feel the business.”

The new Scruffs Womenswear range includes:

An S1P and SRA rated safety boot made with a quality leather upper and steel toe cap and midsole.

RRP: £39.95

Women's Worker Plus Trouser

Hard wearing trousers with durable knee pad inserts and multifunctional pockets.

RRP: £29.95

Women's Active Polo

A lightweight comfortable polo with ‘Cool Dry’ technology.

RRP: £19.75

Women's Long Sleeved T-Shirt

Long sleeved work jersey with soft handfeel and longer length body for extra comfort.

RRP: £12.95

Women's Executive Jacket

Heavy Duty Women’s Work Coat with increased water resistance and fully fleeced lining for extra comfort and warmth.

RRP: £49.95

Landscape gardener and the first buyer of the Scruffs womenswear range, Emily Gardiner comments, “Turning up to a job in old jeans is not only bad in terms of practicality, but it looks unprofessional to the client and undermines your credibility.

“As a petite person (5ft 3ins and a size 8), trying to find functional workwear that actually fits was really tough. The men's sizes were all too big and I struggled to find an alternative until I came across the new Scruffs womenswear range. Even simple things like pockets the right size and in the right places makes such a difference when you're balancing up a ladder needing to use multiple tools.”

“I'm working outside in all weathers, and generally getting covered in mud and rubble, so I need work gear that's hard wearing and keeps me warm and dry. I wrote to Scruffs in despair really, having scoured the internet for gear - my partner wears Scruffs and I thought it was ridiculous that there was nothing like it for women. I was over the moon when the Scruffs Women's range came out - I've been waiting for so long!”

“Thanks again Scruffs for making my working life a lot more comfortable!”

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